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Illinois State University Women's Rugby


What is Rugby?
Message Board

The Pack

Chelsey O'Connor
Nickname: Dino/Shades
Playing Since: Fall 2006
Position: Second Row, 8 man


Jackie Brown
Nickname: Animal
Playing Since: Fall 2006
Position: Flanker, Scrumhalf
Fav Rugby Quote: "To play rugby league, you need three things: a good pass, a good tackle, and a good excuse."


Liz McGrail
Nickname: Nurse Crazy, Lez
Position: Lock/ Second Row
Favorite Quote: "Saturday's a Rugby Day"


Jackie Charlette
Nickname: Star
Playing Since: Fall 2009
Position: Second Row

Chelsea Oakes
Playing Since: Fall 2009
Position: Prop/Hooker

The Backs

Colleen Kelly
Playing Since: Fall 2007
Position: Wing

Anita Smith
Playing Since: Spring 2007
Position: Inside/Outside Center
Favorite Rugby Quote: "Rugby is great. The players don't wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living day lights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that." -Joe Theismann

Nikki Christenson
Nickname: Winga
Playing Since: Fall '07
Position: Wing
Favorite Rugby Quote: n/a

Melissa Nolte
Nickname: n/a
Playing Since: Spring 2009
Position: Wing
Favorite Rugby Quote: n/a