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Illinois State University Women's Rugby

What is Rugby?

What is Rugby?
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Want to learn more about the sport?

Here is a link to a simple explaination of the game... find out more e-mail us! NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED...we will teach you everything you need to know.

The next question most people ask is "Why play rugby?".

If you are asking that question in your head, you have obviously never played rugby. Because once you put your boots on and step on to the field for the first time, you know the answer to that question. For everyone it is different. Some people play to stay/get in shape. Others play to be a part of something, to meet different kinds of people that you would never imagine being in the same room at the same time. Many people play for the competitiveness of the sport, and to be able to say that you play this sport is amazing. The reaction you get when someone learns for the first time that you are a rugger is awesome. Travelling is also a plus.  In recent years, we have gone everywhere from Tennessee to Minnesota, and Ohio to California. But whatever reason it is that you play rugby, once you start you can never imagine not playing rugby. It becomes a part of you, and when someone asks "Why do you play rugby?" you can think of a million reasons why you do, and none for why you shouldn't.

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